Why MacBook Air battery is draining too quickly- Causes and Solutions

Could it be accurate to speak about that you’re among those denizens who’s been looking this phrases: Apple laptop MacBook Air battery not charging and also you finished here?

Have you been additionally a type of MacBook clients who officially took a try at squeezing many of the edge joints with the battery however it not charging? In the beginning, it seems like heaven to get a MacBook laptop without facing any issue but because your laptop continuously age, you have many extra issues. From bad battery performance, keyboard doesn’t working, dying display, to malfunctioning charger.

In this post, you’ll find out the issues and solutions why you face this issue: MacBook Air battery is draining too quickly.



Problem: My battery is draining too quickly



battery is draining too quickly




  • Start by looking for updates in your MacBook laptop. See an Apple Menu and select App Store. Go to the Updates tab, and apply all updates. Then restart your computer or laptop when you go to the Apple Menu and selecting Restart. Check if this will make a positive change.



  • Totally reset your SMC (System Management Controller). This can be specifically necessary in case you recently downloaded an SMC update. Begin by heading up to the Apple Menu and selecting to turn off the Laptop computer. Connect your power adapter. Then look for the left-side Shift key; the Control key; the Option key and also the power button: Press and hold them simultaneously, then release. Watch for your Apple MacBook to shut down, then turn it over back on again.



  • Look at your apps. In case you hover your cursor over your battery icon in OS X, you will get a list of apps which are currently working with a lot of power. You should find that the app constantly appears on your list. In this case, shutting it down will help. Even Apple apps, like iTunes, will often create an issue.


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