Support to Troubleshoot Most Commonly Encountered Problems of Mac

Over its entire lifetime of life, like other computers, Mac can be more prone to few serious issues. Your Mac OS can behave horribly at some instances. Here all of the common troubles are discussed from terrifyingly problematic kernel screen to accomplish failure in the system. They are the problems faced by Mac users universally and they are typical across all versions of the OS, but here all problems are described based on the performance on most modern operating-system. If you are a Mac user and do not wish to walk out of the house, technical support services are extremely convenient and reliable choice for you. Below a number of common Mac troubles are extensively narrated to your help:


Grey or Blue Screen of Death on Startup:

Support to Troubleshoot Most Commonly Encountered Problems of Mac

When you switch on your system and find out either blue or grey screen or else you are stuck at Apple icon, it is a serious concern. There may be several reasons of this and it is probably the most frustrating stuff that happens with Mac users. The issue gets to be more complex for those users because it is difficult to troubleshoot it. So now few important steps are described to solve your question of interest:-

  • Connection of incompatible hardware peripherals generally is one of the causes of blue or grey screen.
    • In such case you have to opt trial-and-error method to identify which system is causing problem for you personally, so that you have to disconnect and reconnect every one of them one-by-one.
    • One you’ve got identified the peripheral, report for that problem or discover the solution on your own.
    • If you do not find any incompatible device, execute a safe boot as it’ll look at your system’s hard drive. To do this, you have to contain the shift key till the time logo doesn’t pass and when your Mac starts up with safe boot, proceed further and restart your device.
    • Run the disk utility if you aren’t capable of identify your Mac condition in earlier cases.
    • Hold down Command+R to boot up your system in diagnostic mode.
    • Select Disk Utility Option, select hard drive, then click “Verify” and wait for the process to complete.
    • If problem pops out, click on the ‘Repair Disk’ option, if nothing pops out click on ‘Repair Permissions’ to scan Disk Utility once again.
    • If some problem is found, go ahead and reboot.


Kernel Turmoil

Support to Troubleshoot Most Commonly Encountered Problems of Mac

If you have discovered black and grey kernel screen, you might have felt helpless in such situation. The Kernel becomes panic if multiple applications fail or even the OS itself, however this could be solved, let’s check how:

  • Reboot the system and find out can it happen again.
  • Update all your system’s software.
  • Check all your login items.


Hanging on of Brech Ball:

Although a continuously spinning beach ball is not going to produce a big mess, but sometimes it may create serious issues as well. When your product is tossing up a consistently spinning beach ball, there might be multiple causes, let’s look at main reasons:

Check Activity Monitor:

  • If it is necessary, allow to quit the program forcefully if it’s creating issues.
    • Launch activity monitor.
    • See your daily usage and if breach ball appears, proceed to activity monitor to know which application is consuming largest CPU resources.


Reclaim Your Hard Drive Space

  • Go towards the trash and right click the icon and choose the option ‘Empty Trash’.
    • Or go to downloads folder and delete those files which can be useless for you to release memory space in your hard drive.


Distorted or Improper Display:

This can be the recent problem hit on Mac devices, which shows yellow and green crazed. This issue may shut down your system immediately and even if rebooting various times, you will not be able to recover and restart your system. To resolve out this issue you could adopt following steps:

  • Reset the VRAM/PRAM and SMC.
    • If earlier step can’t solve your trouble run hardware test for your Apple device to check hardware failure.
    • Otherwise, you are able to call the experts of Tech Support Company to deal with and resolve these complaints.


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