Mac Word Document Recovery – the way to Recover Lost, Deleted Word Document on Mac

We use Word documents usually within our everyday life. Lucky for us, it can be readily available for Macs as well as Windows computers. Unfortunately we might discovered some frustrating situations while editing Word – The ability is suddenly off when you are editing the document; an important document is freezing whenever you open it up; the file is corrupted for unknown reason. When encountering the above mentioned problems, means we meet files loss situation, and also at this moment, we might have to find different ways to process Mac Word Recovery.

For solving your condition quickly, Mac Data Recovery can perform well: using its strong technology of scanning and powerful ability of retrieving files, this recover file software can assist you in restoring any kind of files for example Word (pages), Excel (numbers), PPT (keynotes) etc Office documents, also assist in retrieving deleted photos, audio and video files regardless of they met deleting, formatting, or any other unknown reasons on Mac.


Common Reasons of Mac Word Document Loss:

Mac Word Document Recovery - the way to Recover Lost, Deleted Word Document on Mac

Different disasters need different treatments. In order to recover your files effectively, it’s easier to analyse the issues and reasons first. The followings are some main reasons we can encounter which make the files loss.

  1. Unsaved Word or changes than it that you will be editing for that below reasons:
    • Sudden turn off
    • Errors force the term to close automatically
    • Improper operation for example forgetting to save lots of the Word or even the changes
    2. Whenever you open a Microsoft Word on Mac, it might stop responding. Additionally, you might need to make use of the Force Quit command to give up it.
    3. When you open a Ms Word, think it is looks like gibberish. The Word got damaged.
    4. Word document gets infected by virus
    5. Lose document for other reasons both system errors and human errors
    4 Common Different ways to Achieve Word Document Recovery


  1. Recover unsaved Word document

Recover unsaved Word document
Use Auto Recovery copy when you restart Word or even the Mac. This is the way to recover unsaved Word document, up to the point of Word’s last automatic save. The steps like this: Enter “Auto Recovery”? Locate all the files that begging with “Auto Recovery save of” and select the file you need in the set of files? Click to the file and drag it out of the search window, close the Finder Window? Double-click the file to launch and open it in Microsoft Word for Mac? Save it.


  1. Recover corrupted Word document

The process to recover corrupted document depends upon the kind and seriousness of the corruption and also the form of behaviour which is exhibited. Although a lot of these methods succeed regularly, it’s not all corrupted document may be recovered.


For your Word document which can be opened in Word for Mac:

For your Word document which can be opened in Word for Mac:

If you can open the document in Word for Mac, use one in the following methods.

Method 1: Convert the Word document to a different Format
Method 2: Copy everything except the last paragraph mark to a different document
Method 3: Copy the undamaged parts of the File completely to another File


For the Word doc that can’t be opened in Word for Mac:

If you can’t open the file for Mac, use one on the following methods as appropriate.
Method 1: Insert the file into a blank document
Method 2: Make use of the paste link command to open the document using a Link
Method 3: Open the file by using “Recover Text from Any File”
Method 4: Open as Copy


  1. Recover Word doc after Microsoft stops responding

After Ms Word for Mac stops responding or when you make use of the Force Quit command to finish a Word for Mac session, you might only recover it whenever you restart this program. Additionally, the documents which you recover usually do not support the changes or additions that you made in your last Word for Mac session.


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