Know the Difference between USB, Micro USB and Lightning Connectors

Most people usually tend to get confused while telling a huge difference between USB, Micro USB and lightning. For the reason that all of the three look quite similar and performance mostly in the same manner. However, you must understand that not one of them is replaceable with one another. To operate rightly, all of the three connectors need different technology, accessories and port too. Also, they may not be suitable for one another.

Here is a detailed explanation of all of the three connectors to be able to know which connector is acceptable using what device at its optimum ability.



Know the Difference between USB, Micro USB and Lightning Connectors
USB is the full form of – Universal Serial Bus. This is the most important used connector and is also suitable for several operating-systems. Whenever you connect a USB in your mobile device or computer, it gets detected easily. You may also add or remove the USB cable without needing to restart these devices. And that also aspect causes them to be a ‘hot-swappable’ technology. The ‘Type A’ connectors can be found in 2.3 and 3.0 formats and could be utilised on desktops, laptops and iPad. ‘Type B’ connectors, on the other hand, can be used for scanners and difficult drives.


Micro USB:

Know the Difference between USB, Micro USB and Lightning Connectors

The function of the making of Micro USB ended up standardise phone charging devices and simplify things for that customers who have been tired with using different chargers with their phone. These USBs really are a miniature form of USB interface. Several smart phones that actually work on Android technology are fitted with Micro USB ports. The Micro USB looks smaller to Mini USB but provides a higher transfer rate. It’s possible to easily identify a Micro USB because it has black receptacles along with a 5 pin design. Although Micro USB charging cable includes a USB connector and enables transfer of data between desktop and mobiles, you have to also realise that it is not suitable for all devices.


Lightning Connectors:

Know the Difference between USB, Micro USB and Lightning Connectors

Lightning Connectors were released throughout the year 2012 and they also were a fantastic replacement of the 30 pin dock connector which was useful for Apple products. This 8 pin connector is built to a little more efficient as compared to the 30 pin one. Apple products are very thin and are not working with the width of a standard USB port. These kinds of connectors made the entire deal of powering up Apple devices very easy. Lightning connectors usually are not suitable for other connectors and should not be accessed with traditional USBs. Exactly how do you identify these connectors? These are generally white in colour, just like almost all of Apple devices and also have a slender shape.

You are unable to expect each of the chargers to get universal by nature. The type of connector you utilise depends totally on the kind of device you have. When you know which kind of USB you will require for which purpose, you will save lots of money and time. If you are searching for better quality USB cables, USB adapters and other accessories at cost-effective rates you’ll be able to several stores where one can order from. And now that you realise the main difference, you are sure to make a good choice!


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