How to Know If I Have a Faulty Laptop AC Adapter

One main good thing about working with a laptop computer — instead of a desktop — is that you may use it anywhere, provided that you have an adequate power source this power source is usually a fully-charged battery or maybe outlet to your AC adapter. If you have plugged your computer into a power outlet, but notice it isn’t charging, or maybe your computer shuts itself down while it’s plugged in, you may have a faulty AC adapter.

How to Know If I Have a Faulty Laptop AC Adapter

Plug your AC adapter into a different outlet and find out if your laptop charges. When your laptop fails to charge when plugged in, a faulty power outlet rather than the adapter itself is more likely to blame.
Take away the battery from your laptop and try to use the computer with the entire AC adapter plugged in. When your computer still functions, your AC adapter works fine. If your battery won’t charge, the issue is with the battery, not with the AC adapter.

How to Know If I Have a Faulty Laptop AC Adapter

Plug your AC adapter into another laptop of the same make and model to find out if the computer functions also to find out if the battery charges. If the second laptop functions properly, your laptop is likely the cause of the problem.

Buy a new AC adapter and find out if your laptop functions properly with it. If your laptop won’t power or stay on, the issue is with the entire computer itself. If the battery still doesn’t charge, replace your battery.

A laptop charger is known as probably the most valuable accessory of a laptop for without it the battery’s energy cannot be replenished. Most of the time we forget to take care for our chargers and just place them in almost any surface. In many cases this action can result to the destruction of your laptop charger if not initially addressed. You may think that it must be just alright to simply ignore looking after our chargers but as people who just love one, it is our responsibility.

Purchasing a new charger for laptop are often time consuming as you have to find it in local computer shops if you don’t have access over the internet or don’t have a cash account on the web to repay them. So before consider buying you will want to consider taking care of it? Taking care is simple just following these simple tips:

How to Know If I Have a Faulty Laptop AC Adapter

Before plugging the charger in the power outlet, ensure the device is made to fit the voltage circuit requirement for example 110 or 220V. The same goes with plugging the AC adapter connector in the laptop under the specific laptop model your charger serves.

– Put your external laptop battery charger somewhere that water cannot reach it to stop electrocution of your user and also the destruction of your laptop.

– Always unplug your laptop adapter whenever it gets very hot to be able to avoid overheating with the equipment. Also, unplug the charger when not being used also to save energy usage.

While using the Laptop AC adapter for a long period, put it in the surface that allows it cool down or even in surface where circulation can be done.

– The laptop charger wire should never come in contact with friction in the sharp edge table with this could cause a tear in the wires covering and then exposing the wires inside.


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